Welcome to our Guestharbour and Gastropub Bodegan!

Come and enjoy the old fishing port with all the old boathouses and breath in the genuine archipelago atmosphere!

Here you are close to nice beaches, stunning nature and lots of fun experiences.
We offer trips to Märket lighthouse, located on a small island right at the border between Sweden and Finland.

Dock at our beautiful and protected harbor with place for 70-90 boats with access to electricity, water and wireless WiFi. In close proximity you will find the fully equipped service building with showers, WC, sauna and laundry room. On the hill above the guest harbor overlooking the sea, we have our barbecue area with benches to sit by and with plenty of space to hang out.

Step by our Gastropub Bodegan and let us pamper you! We offer good and well prepared food and beverages right by the water overlooking the fishing port. We have a varied menu of pies, salads, fish dishes and our popular hamburger- and tacoplates.
Enjoy different kinds of beer, wine and cider, soft drinks and tea and coffee. We also offer home-baked goodies, ice cream and soft ice cream.


Feel at home in our guestharbour!

The passage to Käringsund is marked with a small lighthouse and a sign.
When you sail in to the bay you see Bodegan and the marina office on the port side. The best way in is straight ahead towards the small islet. Take right towards the marina pier and choose a vacant location.

The coordinates are: N 60 ° 13.9505 'E 19 ° 32.3545', Decimal: 60.2325, 19.5392

Harbour fee
30 euros per day

When you check in by visiting the marina office, you receive the code to the service house and other necessary information. Once you have paid the harbor fee, you get a note as proof which you attach clearly visible on the boat.

We are open from first of 1st of May to 30th September.

Welcome to Gastropub Bodegan!

We wish to offer good and well prepared food for the whole family!
We have a varied menu with fish dishes, tapas, Bodegans own burgers, nachos, pies and salads!
We offer different types of beer, including the locally brewed Stallhagen, and ciders, longdrinks and various selected wines.
Children of course have their own menu.

We also offer home made pasteries and ice cream.

You can see our menues
For table reservations in the evening follow this link

Travel to Märket lighthouse!

Märket lighthouse was designed by Georg Schreck and built by Russian initiative in 1885. The border between Sweden and Finland was drawn straight over the small island in 1809. The lighthouse was built on Swedish territory west of the center of the island but strangely never been considered as Swedish.

During the 1980's there was a boarder adjustment so that the lighthouse, belonging to Finland, now stands on finnish grounds. The new border is one of Europe's most remarkable ones. Neither Sweden or Finland wanted to change the countries land size or coastlines so a trade of land was made.The island is the world's smallest with shared territory.

The island was inhabitet by lighthouse keepers until 1976.
Finnish Lighthouse Society began restoration of the lighthouse in the summer of 2007 and during the summers volunteer lighthouse keepers live on the island.

Travel with us to Märket during the summer!
The tour is 4-5 hours with 2 hour of traveltime, during which we often spot seals.
On the island you can se the strange boarder, you get a guided tour of the lighthouse and coffe.

Dress appropriate to the weather and to boat tour and walking.

Reservations are made in the Bodega/harbouroffice or by phone ( +358 18 38 530).

Prices for 2017 see under page "Märkets Fyr".

About us

We are a small family- owned business that strives for hospitality and quality! We want to welcome you with a smile and for you to leave with one!

Phone and contact

Harbour office +358 18 38 530
Harbour Captain +358 400 679 954

You can see our contact information


In the surrounding area you will find Käringsund wildlife safari, a family adventure among deers and wild boar.

Right next to the harbour is Åland Hunting and fichingmuseeum. Within walking distance is a nice and shallow sandy beach.

You can also choose to swim off the rocks, overlooking the sea of Åland!

Just a short walk away you will find Leklandet with fun and games for all children (and adults) .

Ask our staff for information and direction!